Two Easy Halloween Projects You Can Complete With Recycled Bottles

In the United States, there are approximately 250,000 plastic bottles placed in the landfill every hour. They will basically remain there forever since it takes a plastic bottle approximately 700 years to decompose. You can do your part to rescue a few of these bottles, as well as set a good example for your friends and family by recycling. The bottles you save can become some really great Halloween projects, here are examples of two of them.

Monster Candy Treat Holders

This is a project that can be done quickly and can be individualized. In the course of an evening, you can make one for every kid in your child's class, or all of your co-workers. You will need the following supplies:

  • Two Liter plastic drink bottle
  • X-acto knife, or other means of cutting your drink bottle
  • Spray Paint
  • Markers
  • Hot glue gun or other type of adhesive 
  • Adhesive label residue remover
  • Other craft accessories such as jiggle eyes, construction paper, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, rhinestones, and anything else you have around the house.

Remove the labels from your bottles. Some of these will come off cleanly, while others may leave behind a residue. If the residue is sticky, consider removing it. There are products on the market, as well as many home remedies that will help you to get this done. If the residue is not sticky, consider leaving it alone since you are going to paint over it. 

Decide which spooktactular monster design you want to create. Consider creating witches, ghosts, Frankenstein, or any other type of goblin. If you choose, every design can be unique. The only requirement is that you will have to create a large "mouth" or opening on the side on the bottle big enough for hands to reach in to get a piece of candy.

Trace out your design on the side of your bottle

Use your x-acto knife to cut out your design

Paint your bottle. You may find that your paint sticks better, and you will use less paint, if you use a primer prior to applying your paint.

Paint your projects. Use your construction paper, pipe cleaners, fabric remnants, and other craft supplies to decorate your monsters and create costumes for your monsters to wear.

Witchy Wine Bottle Table Decorations

If you happen to drink more wine than soda, or have access to more glass bottles than you do plastic bottles, consider using glass bottles to create festive table decorations. You can create these with or without lights. 

Supplies needed include:

  • Glass bottles of your choice
  • Black and green glass spray paint
  • Black construction paper
  • Black yarn
  • Hot glue gun or other type of adhesive
  • Paint markers
  • Painters tape
  • Glass drill bit and a cordless drill
  • String of lights

Remove the labels and any residual adhesive off of your bottles. Paint the top third of your bottles black using the painters tape to tape off your design. This top third will be the point of your witches hat. Paint the rest of your bottle green, as this will become your witch's face.

If you choose, you can add tint to the inside of the bottle instead of painting the outside. To add tint you will need Modge Podge, gel food color, and water. Tinting your bottle will provide a finish that you will not have to worry about flaking off in the future.  

Once your bottles are painted, or tinted, let them completely dry.

While they are drying, use your black construction paper to create a 6 inch circle for the brim of your witch's hat. Cut out the center of your circle enough that it will fit down over the neck of your bottle. It should come to rest at the base of your black paint, at approximately the line you created with your painter's tape. Remove your circle and save it for later.

Once your bottle is dry, use your yarn and your adhesive to create your witch hair. Your hair should be applied to cover up 3/4 of the line you created with your painter's tape.

Once your hair is on, slide the brim of your hat back on and secure it with adhesive.

Use your paint markers to draw the face on your bottle.

If you choose to add lights to your project, use your cordless drill and drill bit to drill a hole big enough to feed a string of lights through into the back of your bottle. Add your lights and plug in your project. 

If you choose not to keep your projects for the following year, make sure you place your bottles in the recycle bin. This will help you do your part to keep as many bottles as you can out of the landfill. The environment you are saving is the only one you have. 

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