How To Easily Make Some Extra Cash With Copper Scrap

Are you looking for a simple way to get some extra cash each month? If you could use the extra money, you might want to start scrapping unused copper materials. Copper is a valuable material that is often used to make products that people normally use each day, including assorted appliances. Because there is a demand for the copper, you can easily sell any copper that you might have and make some decent money from it at your convenience.

Check the Value of Copper Regularly

The value of copper will fluctuate from time to time. If you are trying to make the most cash possible, pay attention to the value of copper throughout the week, and then bring your copper materials into the scrapyard when the value has increased. Copper is often worth at least $2 per pound. If you have several pounds of copper available, you can easily make $20 or more during your trip to the scrapyard. If you do not want to make too many trips back and forth to the scrapyard, you can wait until you have at least $100 worth of copper to sell by collecting as much of it as you can find.

Take Apart Old Appliances

If you have old appliances that do not work, start taking them apart to access the copper materials and remove them. You can start collecting the copper in a bin or large container to make it easier for you to travel with when you are headed to the scrapyard. Along with taking apart any of your old appliances that likely have some copper inside of them, such as air conditioning units and televisions, you can also look for appliances that people are throwing away in the trash. Some people will put these appliances on the side of the road for trash collection while others will post about wanting to get rid of large appliances for free on social media groups and classified websites. Consider checking these sites and even asking family and friends if they have appliances that do not work.

You can sell copper scrap by bringing it to the scrapyard where it will get weighed. After weighing the copper that you bring in, you will find out exactly how much money you can get for the scrap materials you have brought in. While you will not necessarily get rich from selling scrap materials, it is a lucrative side hustle that you can have when you could use some extra cash. 

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