6 Reasons Why Your Company Should Embrace Copper Recycling

Copper recycling is an excellent way for businesses to cut down on worksite wastes, protect the environment, and impact the community positively. While copper is an invaluable metal, planning to recycle it onsite can be time-consuming without proper planning. However, before you begin your project, take a look at these six reasons why copper recycling is highly advantageous to your company.

Eliminates the Need for Landfills

Waste produced in domestic and commercial setups every year puts heightened strain on landfills countrywide. Today, landfills are overstretched beyond measure, while the costs related to permeating those left behind are ballooning. Therefore, instead of contributing to the problem by discarding your waste copper in landfills, recycling can help convert it into other valuable products.

Contributes to Community and Environmental Protection

The increased use of copper in electrical wiring systems stems from its excellent electrical conductivity and durability. Sadly, such resilient qualities mean copper doesn't quickly deteriorate when it finds its way into landfills. That means it has a high potential of harming plant and animal ecosystems. However, copper recycling helps reduce landfill levels and decelerates natural resource depletion.

Cuts Down on Toxins Released in the Environment

The process of refining pure copper metal produces toxins, which are released into the atmosphere. That, in turn, can cause catastrophic consequences for the environment. However, recycling copper is a relatively safer and environmentally-friendly approach, minimizing toxic emissions into the air.

Helps Build and Maintain a Positive Reputation

A top priority for most organizations worldwide is building and maintaining a positive reputation through sustainability efforts. That will, in turn, help your business gain a competitive edge and win more project tenders. A proactive copper recycling campaign helps showcase how your business is giving back to the community and positively contributing to environmental protection.

Aids in Worksite Waste Cleanup

Scrap wire tends to pile up fast, especially when working on electrical wiring projects. That's why it's imperative to set up stratagems to address such wastes before commencing your project. Your company may lag on productivity and illustrate mean reputation if there is clutter all over the worksite. Ideally, since you have to get rid of the scrap wire in one way or another, it only makes sense to recycle the copper wires.

Make More Money on Scrap Wire

Finally, you can earn handsomely from copper recycling. Since copper is a precious metallic element, you can sell it and ultimately recover the wire costs. Copper prices are invariably fluctuating as the economy takes newer trends, which might also vary between different recycling plants. Besides, some copper wire types have more value compared to others.

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