Recycling Tools And Equipment

If you would like to use a more methodical approach when recycling at your business, you may have considered investing in some tools and equipment that will promote consistency and a streamlined storage setup. A label peeler, a shredder, containers, and a baler are items that may provide a solution to the inconsistent and sloppy manner in which you currently are preparing recyclable materials. 

Clean And Uniform Items

Many canned and bottled goods contain adhesive labels. These labels often require a soaking process that will soften the paper and adhesive that is affixed to a can or a bottle. The process of using a scrub brush and water to remove labels can be tedious.

A manual label remover that contains a serrated edge will aid with stripping thin and thick labels from each item that will be placed inside a recycling bin. A tool with a long handle and a replaceable blade will allow multiple recyclables to be prepared for storage quickly. After rinsing out recyclable materials, they can be quickly stripped of their labels and tossed into a recycling bin.

A Shredder And Containers

If one of the reasons that you have failed to recycle paper products is due to their sensitive nature of them, a shredder can be used to destroy personal details. A shredder is a machine that can be set up in the area where recyclables will be prepared. This type of machine will support the shredding of mass documents. A bin that rests alongside a shredder can be used to temporarily store paper waste. If a lot of documents need to be destroyed on a recurring basis, a container with wheels can be used to store and transport shredded paper.

A Baler Unit

A baler can be used to create neat stacks of cardboard or paperboard products. This type of machine will condense recyclables and make them easy to carry. Straps that are wrapped around each pile will double as handles. After cardboard and paperboard have been bundled, the bundles can be manually carried to a cart that will be used to transport the items to the area where they will be picked up by a recycling service provider.

A baler is typically electric or gas-operated. An electrically-operated baler can be stored indoors or outdoors. Due to exhaust fumes, a gas-powered baler should always be used outdoors. This will provide sufficient ventilation for the exhaust fumes to disperse.

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