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Meet "YNO", your author, become familiar with the novels he has published and discover the story and reasoning motivating him into becoming an author.

The hills and valleys of Appalachia are the perfect setting for events leading to the creation of the many fascinating tales and legends with which we have become familiar. The tales and legends that you are about to read come from the creative mind of William "YNO". After many hours of research and personal contact, he brings you, the reader, his revealing stories.

Raised in West Virginia, William brings you these stories as only a native can. "YNO", as everyone calls him, offers his reader foreshadowing and unpredictable plots - often leading to a spine-chilling climax.
Ernest Hemmingway once said, "To be a great writer, you must be able to make the readers feel the pain and the laughter of the stories, and to feel they are involved in the writings". "YNO" has certainly accomplished this.

His haunting and unforgettable fictional novels are based on unauthenticated historical events of the Appalachian Mountain area, real facts - facts that until now have been taboo. He has opened old wounds in the communities for which they are written. "YNO's works were penned to document important, unwritten historical events of the area.

"YNO's" Novels, written in a style that is exclusively his own, have tastefully incorporated ADVENTURE - SHOCK - HUMOR - and TEARS. His novels have fast become known countrywide and are now listed as collector's items. Their appeal has been so positive that YNO" has developed a devoted following who anxiously await his next novel. "His writing is Addictive.", Dennis Hooker

"YNO's" next novel "The Growing Years" is soon to hit your favorite bookshelves.